Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Itinerary in China

Nov. 19-Wednesday
Leave Milwaukee at 9:18 am Arrive Chicago 10:07 am. Leave Chicago 12:33pm.
Nov. 20-Thursday
Arrive Beijing 4:25 pm. Our guide Charlotte will meet us at the airport with all of the other families that will be traveling to Beijing. Off to the Jianguo hotel.
Nov. 21-Friday
We get to tour TianAnMen Square, Forbidden City and the Olympic Green Park today
Nov. 22-Saturday
The days big adventure will be to tour The Great Wall.
We will be leaving Beijing at 11:15 am and flying to Guangzhou. We will arrive in Guangzhou at 2:20pm and met at the airport by Cordelia our guide and transported to the White Swan Hotel.
We will get no sleep , I'm sure because Monday will guessed it! GOTCHA DAY!
This day will be one of the most glorious day of our lives. We get to see and hold our daughter for the first time. This all will happen in the afternoon, I'm not so sure how we will be able to make it through this morning with out exploding. There are no word so I will just end here.
Nov. 25-Tuesday
We need to go through 2 interviews to swear that we will take Lucy for our daughter and care for her as our own. Of course! One is with the Civil Affairs Bureau and the other is with the Justice department. Our adoption registration will also be completed.
Nov 26-Wednesday
We need to apply for Lucy's passport in the morning and then we will be taking a 5 hour bus ride to Maoming City. Uuugg! Hopefully Lucy likes buses because she will have made this same trip to us on Monday.
Nov 27-Thursday
We get to visit Lucy's orphanage. I'm sure it will be a very emotional day for all of us.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Nov 28-Friday
Make the trip back to Guangzhou. Yes another 5 hour bus ride for Lucy.
Nov 29-Saturday
Lucy will be getting her official medical check up that will allow her to leave the country and get pictures for her passport. Hopefully Lucy will smile for this picture. :)
Nov 30-Sunday
We will be touring the zoo in Guangzhou. Can't wait to see the pandas.
Dec 1-Monday
Our agency has listed rest and relaxation for this day. Who needs that? Teehee. Hopefully we will have time to get a foot massage. We hear they are worth traveling to China for.
Dec 2-Tuesday
We have yet another interview. This time it is with the U.S. Consulate.
Dec 3-Wednesday
The plan is to get Lucy's visa so we can go home Thursday.
Dec 4-Thursday
Home Sweet Home!
We will be flying out of Guangzhou at 8:40am. Arriving in Beijing 11:20am. Flying out of Beijing 5:20 pm. Arriving in Chicago 4:24 pm. Leaving Chicago 5:58 and arriving in Milwaukee 6:48pm.