Monday, April 19, 2010

Were going to China for Lucy's sister Emmy

So on December 3, 2009 we got the news about Xi Han Yu. We received four adorable pictures and a lot of medical information that took us down a winding bumpy road that we hadn't planned for. After experiencing the adoption path we had with Lucy, we didn't quite understand how different the process would be for Emmy. When making a decision to add a second child to our family we had so much to consider. What would we be able to handle, emotionally, financially and physically (since we ain't gettin' no younger). The thought of 2 toddlers excited us and scared us at the same time. :) We again needed to do a lot of soul searching and tried to remain open to the path that has been put out before us. After many doors closing and then reopening again we are happy to say that on March 10, 2010 we decided to move forward and become a family of four. We are waiting to find out when we can travel to bring our second daughter home. We are hoping for early June as Emmy's birthday is June 13, 2008. It would be nice to share her 2nd birthday together as a family.