Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rest and Recuperation and Shopping

The next few days we had to our own to catch up on rest and experience the city. I really love Guangzhou. Through out the day people are fishing in the Pearl River, (not that I would eat anything that came out of it) but it's fun to watch. The scenery is beautiful I shared a few pictures above. People take their pets with them everywhere. If they have a bird they hang the cage in a tree. Dogs are unleashed and well behaved. It was fun to see some playing in the park. Made me wonder how Bucky was back home. People are in the parks exercising all day long. And the trees are unbelievable. That's me standing next to one and roots are coming from about 20 feet up and are 12 feet out from the main part of the tree. Very weird.

Medical Check Up and Visa Picture

So today was another big day for Lucy. She needed to pass the Medical exam in order for us to be able to leave the country with her. She passed with flying colors. They were all impressed with her thighs. They are pretty darn cute. Then we went to get her visa picture taken. Progress in the right direction. The rest of the day we had to ourselves so we walked around Guangzhou. They have many statues around the city so we got Lucy with one. :)