Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Everything is official. She's our daughter.

This was the day we needed to make everything official. We went back to the building where we received Lucy to sign some documents, pay some fees and swear that we will love her and never miss-treat her. Pretty simple stuff. We have had her less than 24 hours at this point and it feels like we have had her all along. I hope she is feeling the same. Her personality is hysterical. I gave her a bath and she LOVES water. She splashes around, sticks her face in the water and screeches with joy. If I would have let her she would have swam around for 2 hours. For bottle time when she is being burped she pats her own back. To funny! She also loves to be upside down. She constantly swings her head back and giggles once she is hanging upside down. Also her flexibility is kind of amazing. While sleeping last night she kept doing a back bend while lying on her side. I kept trying to adjust her back to what seemed like a more comfortable position and in less than 5 minutes she would be right back. I see yoga will be in her future.