Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emmy Smiles

The first night went as well as could be expected. Emmy was extremely upset and didn't want to be comforted by anyone. Luckily Lucy laid down with Daddy and passed out. One down one to go. Emmy tried in the worst way to escape from the room. When I would let her walk the halls of the hotel, she would run to the exit and try to get out. When I would pick her up she would get upset and start crying so hard she would loose her breath. There was also a bit of hitting and hair pulling involved. Slightly uncomfortable when local people walked by. Luckily is was the middle of the night and there were only a few people around. SO that is why I opted to go to the roof top. I walked the halls and then the hotel roof top for a few hours until Emmy could barley keep her eyes open. Amazingly when I decided to go back to the room and lay her down, she stayed asleep all night ! It was amazing what a difference 24 hours made. The girl loves food so that helped give us a bit of an edge. :) She chowed at breakfast. Another note she weighs as much as Lucy. Incredible. The pictures above are from Emmy the second night. We took out glow sticks and made bracelets. Uncle Steve discovered when you pulled them apart they made a hysterical popping sound. So the girls, Daddy, and Uncle Steve all played with the glow sticks for about an hour laughing hysterically. Emmy's got a great laugh. It was awesome to finally hear it.