Thursday, August 5, 2010

We leave in 24 hours!

So I guess the robin outside our bedroom window this morning felt that I needed to update everyone on how we are doing 24 hours before we leave. Never mind the fact that we were up way too late. But, the bags are packed! Other than a few last minute things we are as ready as we will ever be. I had a slight panic attack about all of the things that are out of our control yesterday. The fact that we will be traveling all day Friday/Saturday (in China) and then getting Emmy on Sunday makes me excited and FREAKED OUT all at the same time. Since we have Lucy to consider this time, I'm worried how she will be doing at this point in our trip, along with a million other things that us sick perfectionists worry about. I know, I know, all I need to remember is, He lead us to it, He will lead us through it. Not that easy to remember and be convinced of it all of the time.

I hope that Emmy is in a safe place this morning/night and that by some miracle she will be comforted by us when we meet her. I pray that Lucy will cope with all of the changes that are about to occur in her little world. Even though she has completely amazed me so far. Just a little note about our " Big sister". She has loaded Emmy's bed up with the suffed animals she is sharing with her. She has been bringing me things we need to pack and will say "Take to China". Like her play dough packed into a little bag that she spend 15 minutes tying up. And then while at Walmart, the fact that she nearly filled the entire cart with toys, sippy cups and clothes all for Emmy she would say " Yeah that Emmy, it little, she need." I am amazed at how much she is thinking of her little sister. Still not so sure what she is truly understanding but, it seems like a lot. She also said the other night, while trying to prolong going to bed. " I get up, let's go to China now, get Emmy" . Yeah lets!

So good-bye to life as we know it. Bring on the next adventure!