Monday, August 23, 2010

Gotcha Day

Sunday, August 8th was the day we got to meet Emmy for the first time. They (our guide and caretakers from the orphanage) were going to bring her to our room at the hotel at 3:30. I barely slept that night so now in about 3 days I had a total of 6 hours of sleep. I was a little concerned how I would be functioning by gotcha time. We needed to go to the local Walmart to pick up a few things that we couldn't bring with us like a potty chair and we decided to get a step stool while we were at it, We also needed beverages and some local snacks that a 2 year old might be familiar with. We accomplished that and then got the room prepared for the big moment. I was a nervous wreck and my stomach was churning. I kept organizing things which was driving everyone nuts. Lucy seemed excited. And then suddenly there she was standing at our door in a little pink dress. She looks so adorable and terribly nervous. She stood there not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. Lucy ran around the room grabbing toys, blankets, sunglasses and snacks trying to find something to offer her. She wouldn't take anything. Lucy was very determined. She tried to put a toy in Emmy's hand by grabbing her hand and placing it in hers but Emmy hauled off and smacked her. We tried to explain that she was very scared since she didn't know us and Lucy seemed a little disappointed and hurt. I think she thought they would get right to playing. It took about an hour after the caretakers had left for her to accept anything from us. She slowly warmed up cautiously. She liked the playdough and the little puzzle Grandma sent along. So that broke the ice. We all played together on the bed for about an hour and then Lucy passed out on the bed right next to us and we were able to give Emmy a little more individual attention. It went better than we expected. She was very attached to her shoes and glasses. So we let her sleep in her shoes and with her glasses that night. They were a comfort to her so we just went with it.