Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cordelia we are here!

Because of our flight change Cordelia was not able to meet us at the airport. She lined up a driver......who only spoke Mandarin. He was holding a sign that said Gill's and when we walked up to him he took out his phone and made a call. He then handed me the phone and Cordelia was on the other end. It was sooo good to hear her voice. She told us that she would meet us in our hotel room in a few hours. The driver would take us to the White Swan and help us get checked in. We had just started to get settled when Cordelia arrived and we all had a good cry. It was wonderful to see her again. She told us we looked younger. Haa! Cordelia is the sweetest person on earth. We felt so lucky to have her as our guide again. We then went to get dinner and show my brother around Guangzhou. They have renovated many building so things looked very different. The picture of Lucy above is with a kitten in one of the shops near our hotel. Sam, she needed to visit him daily. He was so tiny she could pick him up. It was so adorable. The other pictures are at the temple for the blessing.


Avery Adventures said...

I want to hear more about the wierd massage- I just might understand!!! Myriam

Buckyboo said...

I don't check my comments very often. I think they may serve a different sort of cliet at night?? I kep telling the guy no thank you. Then whe I was lying on my stomach he straddled me and started to crack ,y back. Oh yeah the towel they provided me with was a little biger than a wash cloth. And then he waited for me to pay him before I got dressed???
I was like really.